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Our qualified and patient teachers are ready to guide you to your goals no matter what they are. Not only are they experts on the guitar, but they also have many years of writing, performing, and studio work under their belts giving them a great understanding of the tools and knowledge needed for playing around a campfire, a big stage or even writing and recording your own music.

Francis O’keefe

Francis O’keefe has been playing guitar for 25 years and has 20 years of live experience. He has also been a part of over 10 studio albums, some of which has seen significant commercial radio play. He has been in many Hard Rock, Rock, Acoustic, Alternative and Blues bands, but has played and taught many styles, and is a very versatile lead and rhythm player. Self-taught with a full understanding of music theory, he knows that hard work and a passion for the guitar is what makes anyone great. With over 8 years of teaching experience, he is able to bring his knowledge to his students in an effective and efficient way.

Paul “Laffy” Lafrenière

Paul “Laffy” Lafrenière, is an alternative rock and blues guitarist. He has been playing for 19 years and teaching for 12. Paul contributes to the vibrant music scene with guitar as well as vocals, bass and sitar at various venues and groups. Paul quickly became interested in music and began playing the guitar at age fifteen. The music scene there influenced him strongly and he began playing in local bands at age seventeen. Playing across Eastern Canada, Paul continues to perform at many venues across Ontario and Quebec.

Patrick Webb

Patrick Webb is a lifelong guitarist with seven years of professional training and hundreds of live performances to his name. He is proficient with electric, acoustic, and classical guitars, and his playing styles include classic and modern rock, folk, metal, punk, progressive, and everything in between. He currently hosts an open mic music night every week.

Sundar Subramanian

Sundar has been teaching guitar lessons over the past 20 years and enjoys working with students of all ages and at all levels. He is equally comfortable teaching classical, pop/rock, and folk/blues. In addition to his university teaching, Sundar has also taught private theory lessons to students at all levels and has successfully prepared students for Royal Conservatory theory exams as well as post-secondary auditions and courses.

Sundar has played guitar for close to 30 years and has taught music technology (recording/production), music theory, and music history at the university level for ten years. His playing and compositional work have been performed at venues across Canada and the US and has been broadcast nationwide on CBC Radio 2. He has a PhD in Music Composition from University at Buffalo (State University of New York), an MA in Composition from York University and a BA in Music from Carleton University.

Sean Bradbury

“Sean Bradbury is an alternative rock guitarist with 16 years of experience playing and eight years teaching. He has performed live up and down the East Coast. His style consists of rock, blues, funk, punk, and indie. In the studio he has recorded both as a performer and an engineer. Sean strives to makes his lessons fun, informative, and motivating”.

Benjamin Borg

“Ben is a guitarist from Barrie, Ontario. After completing an advanced diploma in music performance at Cambrian College, he moved on to the University of Ottawa to acquire his Bachelor and Master of Music degrees, with a double major in composition and guitar performance. His aim is to assist you in developing well-rounded musical skills tailored to your wants and needs, in whichever style you’d like.”

Myles Bell

“Myles has been playing guitar for 26 years, including live shows for the past 15 years. He has recorded multiple studio albums with Ottawa band Wise, Young & King as well as his own original music. He has had a love affair with rock and roll since the age of 3. Self-taught with a few lessons along the way, he possesses a combination of both technical understanding as well as a raw emotive playing ability. When he’s not working on his own music he can be found in his home studio engineering tracks for other local artists.”


Parents can sit in on the lesson and have a full view of what's being taught, or they can simply carry on with their busy day. Our experienced and reliable teachers can show you how to read music and understand music theory, or they can show you how to rock out that solo you have always wanted to learn. Book your first free lesson today!

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