Are you a Green Day fan? Our featured isolated guitar track today is “Holiday” by Green Day! This song provides some solid rock riffing with a punk edge.

Track Notes:

Note that the intro guitar does lead chords throughout, in addition to a guitar that’s playing standard power chords. This is a pretty straight forward song but has a few neat production elements for those not familiar with recording. The solo is double-tracked, meaning two separate recordings of the same solo are present. More interestingly, throughout the song you can actually hear an electric guitar playing bar chords which has been recorded acoustically with a mic – no amplification. This gives a slight percussive feel.


Slow down the track using YouTube’s slow down feature, or better yet, use “Anytune pro+” as it is much better in speed reduction and quality.  Learn the rhythm parts using TAB’s plus your ear, then apply it to the slowed down track with zero volume on your guitar to get all of the nuances. Once you can nail it, it’s time to turn up and speed up!


This song should be a breeze for advanced students but is a great song for intermediates to commit themself to. We challenge you to learn the whole song by memory. Then try it to a backing track to see if you can play it with no training wheels. Good luck!

Here’s a tab for you:


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