This week’s gear spotlight is on Danelectro! A brand of musical instruments and accessories founded in New Jersey in 1947, the company is known primarily for its guitars and electric basses that employ unique designs and manufacturing processes. 

After a few ownership changes over the years, The Evets Corporation purchased the Danelectro brand name in the late 90s, marketing recreations of old Silvertone and Danelectro guitars, and newly designed effects pedals and small amplifiers made in China. After initially selling well, guitar sales slowed and Danelectro stopped selling guitars after 2001 to concentrate on effects pedals. In 2006 new owners of Evets decided on a new marketing model for guitars, selling a limited number each year.

Today, Danelectro primarily designs and imports effect pedals. They market eight pedals lines: original effects, FAB effects, mini effects, vintage effects, Wasabi effects, Paisley effects, Cool Cat effects and other miscellaneous effects.

Check below for a video demo of the Danelectro 59!

How are you familiar with Danelectro? Do you know them for their out-there guitar styles, or for their effect pedals? Do you own any of their products? We offer in-home and video conference lessons if you want to learn from a professional!

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