Our featured isolated guitar track today is “Walk” from Pantera. Dimebag Darrell was one of the best metal guitarists on the planet and sadly was shot by a fan while playing a live concert back in 2004. 

Track Notes:

For the song you will need to tune down a full step. DGCFAD. There is a mountain of distortion and if you have a boss “metal zone” pedal lying around, then now would be a good time to dig it out. The isolated track does help to clear up where the slides are in the rhythm track, but the main thing it helps greatly out with is the solo starting @ 3:00-3:35. 


Make sure to tune down as it will help with the slinky and high bends in the solo along with the heaviness that comes from it. Slow down the track using YouTube’s slow down feature. Learn the solo using TAB’s plus your ear, then apply it to the slowed down track with zero volume on your guitar to get all of the nuances. One you can nail it then turn up and speed up!


This is a very tough solo to play, but has a lot of cool things happening. We challenge you to learn the solo note for note and then try it on a backing track to see if you can actually play it with no training wheels. Good luck! You will need it!

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