Today’s isolated guitar track is “Under the Bridge” from RHCP. In recent news, John Fusciante is back with them again. I think this is time #4?

Track notes:

First of all…….NO!!!!! THERE IS NO CAPO USED ON THIS SONG!!!!! You need play a C shaped barre chord in the second position

This is one of those isolated tracks that really helps to get those details during the verse sections of the song. Those nice little Hendrix style riffs that change almost every time. This track makes it really easy to hear exactly what is going on since there isn’t much distortion.


Reduce the speed down to 75% using YouTube’s speed change feature in the settings menu. Listen to the parts, learn them, then play along with the song with no volume on your guitar. Once you have it nailed turn up the volume, and then adjust the speed back up to 100%. Good luck with that C shaped barre chord intro….heheh

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