Today’s isolated guitar track is “Alive” by Pearl Jam! This song was released off their 1991 smash hit debut, Ten, and was written by guitarist Stone Gossard with lyrics by frontman Eddie Vedder.

Track notes:

The track is largely based off the intro riff, using hammer-ons and a slow bend. Watch your speed on the bend – make sure you’re not rushing it, and make sure it’s hitting the right pitch! The song follows a standard pop song format including a bridge at 2:53, and has an extended outro solo at 3:44. If you’ve got wah and delay pedals, this is a great opportunity to make use of them!


Reduce the speed down to 75% using YouTube’s speed change feature in the settings menu. Listen to the parts, learn them, then play along with the song with no volume on your guitar. Once you have it nailed, turn up the volume, and then adjust the speed back up to 100% We’ve included a tab for you. Have fun!!


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