Today we continue our new series of showcasing isolated guitar tracks of famous songs, taking a look at Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Pride n Joy”! The isolated guitar track tells us a lot about the main intro riff and also Stevie’s playing during vocal sections especially.

Track notes:

Looking at the famous intro riff starting @ 0:11s we can hear that there are no hammer-ons during the walk shuffle – TAB frequently incorrectly shows hammer-ons. The other thing we can hear is the aggressive back rake on the high e, b, and g strings.

The verse starting @ 0:35s shows us the upstroked then quickly muted rhythm chords while SRV is singing.

Most interestingly to me was the 5 chord (V) riff @ 0:50s. This riff is less clean and sounds like it even has an open A string in it instead before the 4 chord (iV) actually hits .


Tune your guitar to Eb – Slow the speed of the track down to 75% or ever 50% via YouTube’s speed setting feature located in the settings menu. First, listen without playing, then play along with your guitar’s volume down to zero to ensure you can hear and match every tiny nuance. Then, speed up the track and turn up your volume.

Here’s a challenge for intermediate to advanced:

Can you play this song with all of its nuance, or are you playing an easier version that is “close enough”? We challenge you to get more detail and to push yourself to get all of it no matter how long it takes!Want more on this song? Check out our breakdown video of how to properly play the intro shuffle here:

Looking for video lessons on songs? Check out our:




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