It’s Friday which means we’re analyzing another isolated guitar track – Hot For Teacher, in tribute to the great Eddie Van Halen.

Track notes:

The first 30s of this is nothing but drums, which in this isolated track is blank space. Make sure to que up to 0:31 for the famous tapping intro. It is also in E standard and not Eb tuning. The guitar is pretty clear in the original recording, but the isolated track does help clean up some of the verse parts and solo. The intro tapping riff has some variance in the pattern so make sure to slow it down and get it exactly right not using a cookie cutter pattern for each. Many riffs in this song are built off of 4th harmonies giving it a darker sound, usually while the A string is “droning” like during the pre-verse intro @ (0:43s). During the clean section that reminds me of ZZ Top’s “La Grange” Eddie switches to his fingers instead of a pick. This is done quickly by tucking your pick up in your middle or ring finger. (This technique is also very useful when tapping). The same riff is played with distortion and with a pick at @ (1:11) for the verse. The solo is a monster and utilizes tapping, tremolo picking, pentatonic style riffs, unison bends, and more.


Tune to standard tuning. Reduce the speed of the track using YouTube’s speed adjustment in the settings. First listen without playing, then learn and play along with your guitar’s volume down to zero to ensure that all nuances are being hit. There are a few pre-bends in the solo and I find that most people have a hard time hearing a pre-bend vs a regular bend. After you have done all of that, turn up your volume and then start to speed it up.

Challenge for intermediate and Advanced:

Can you play this song with all of its nuance, or are you playing an easier version that is “close enough”? We challenge you get all of the detail and train each part until it is at 100% speed no matter how long it takes! We highly recommend downloading “Anytune Pro+” and using that to train the song properly.

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