This week’s featured artist is Emma Ruth Rundle! Born October 10th 1983, she is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist and visual artist based in Louisville, Kentucky. Her music is characterized by raw and haunting vocals, somber singer-songwriter vibes, acoustic guitar usage, and full band arrangements with dreamy echo guitar. 

Since the 2010s she has released three official studio albums: Some Heavy Ocean (2014), Marked for Death (2016), and On Dark Horses (2018). She is also the vocalist and guitarist of the three piece post-rock band Marriages, with which she has released one EP, Kitsune (2012), and one studio album, Salome (2015). 

Rundle has described her approach to guitar playing as “I guess there’s different approaches, depending on whether I’m writing a song or playing in a band. What hat you’re wearing at the moment is in terms of approaching the job or the task. I strictly play in open tunings – I don’t play in standard tunings, so if I get stale in something, I’ll try another tuning”. When writing songs, she usually starts with acoustic guitar parts. 

Rundle is signed to Sargent House, an American management company and record label based in Los Angeles, and is label mates with other strong female acts such as Chelsea Wolfe, Ioanna Gika, and Brutus. 

Check below for a two song set including the song Darkhorse, which we’ve provided a tab for!

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