This week’s gear spotlight is on Anytune Pro+! Allowing users to cleanly slow down music, adjust the pitch, and learn to play by ear, Anytune is the first app to offer features normally found on expensive desktop software, and is consistently ranked as the highest-rated music practice app on the Apple Appstore.

Some of the great baseline features include looping sections of songs for training or for picking out a difficult part by ear, and changing the key or pitch of songs – which is helpful for songs that are half a step down, or older songs where the pitch is not 440 and needs a slight adjustment.

More advanced features include the ability to filter in or out certain frequencies, which helps to identify the nuance in guitar solos or bring out bass guitar. Anytune can also record, which is great for teachers and very useful for songwriters. It can even share and export at whatever speed or pitch the user wants so long as they have an original copy!

Check below for a video demo of Anytune for iPad!

Have you tried Anytune or any similar software before? We feel training with this app an excellent resource to improve in speed, technique, and quality of playing. We have returned to in-home lessons in addition to Video Conference Lessons if you want to learn about gear with a professional!

Looking for video lessons on songs? Check out




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