This week’s featured piece of gear is the Ibanez Tube Screamer! A guitar overdrive pedal, the pedal has a characteristic mid-boosted tone popular with blues, rock, and metal players. The Tube Screamer has been used by countless guitarists to create their signature sound, and is one of the most successful, widely copied, and “modded” overdrive pedals in the history of the electric guitar. There have been many variations of the Tube Screamer, with the current models being reissues of the TS9 and TS808. 

The pedal is used to try to mimic the sound of a vintage tube amplifier, and its sound includes a “mid-hump”, which means that the circuit accentuates frequencies between the bass and treble ranges (mid-frequencies). Some guitarists prefer this sort of equalization, as it helps to keep their sound from getting lost in the overall mix of the band.

Some famous users of the Tube Screamer include Billie Joe Armstrong, Joe Bonamassa, Jerry Cantrell, Gary Clarke Jr, The Edge, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Carlos Santana, Kirk Hammett, and many more!

Check below for a demo of the Tube Screamer TS9 being used on both a Telecaster and a Les Paul!

Have you used a Tube Screamer? What are your thoughts on them? We are returning to in-home lessons as well as offering Video Conference Lessons if you want to learn about gear with a professional!

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