This week’s featured piece of gear is the EBow! First introduced in 1976, the EBow is a battery-powered electronic device for playing a string instrument, most often the electric guitar. The name EBow stands for “Electronic Bow” or Energy Bow (often spelled E-bow in common usage).

The EBow is used to produce a variety of sounds not playable on a guitar using traditional strumming or picking techniques. These sounds are created by a string driver that gets its input signal by an internal pickup, which works like a guitar pickup. Its output signal is amplified and drives the other coil, which induces forced string vibrations. With this feedback loop the player can create a continuous string vibration. Fading in and out by lowering and raising the EBow is also possible.

Ebows are most commonly used on neck pickups and coupled with delays and reverbs to make an ethereal sound. The latest EBow model is the “Plus EBow”, which is switchable between “standard mode” and “harmonic mode”.

A few famous players who have used EBows include Robert Fripp, David Gilmour, Opeth, Eddie Vedder, Wes Borland, Blue Oyster Cult, The Edge, and Radiohead. 

Check below for a cool video demo of the EBow! 

Have you used an EBow before, or perhaps a cheaper knock-off brand? What do you think of them? We’re currently offering Video Conference Lessons if you want to talk gear with a professional! 

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