This week’s featured gear line is B.C. Rich Guitars! Founded in 1969, the company started to make electric guitars in the 1970s that were notable for their atypical body shapes. In the following decade B.C. Rich gained a broader exposure with the popularity of heavy metal and has since often been linked to that music scene.

Pictured here is a B.C. Rich Mockingbird, one of their most recognizable designs. The September 2010 issue of Guitar World ranked the Mockingbird as “the coolest guitar of all time”, ahead of guitars such as the Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster. Another popular and recognizable design is the B.C. Rich Warlock.

B.C. Rich uses a “neck-through” body design on all of their guitars, and their guitars come in a variety of shapes, ranging from more conventional styles (like the Telecaster-styled Blaster) to unusual styles such as the Fat Bob, which has a body in the shape of a Harley-Davidson gas tank.

Notable users of B.C. Rich Guitars include Slash, Dave Mustaine, Lita Ford, Josh Homme, Kerry King, Gerard Way, and Paul Stanley.

Check below for a video demo with Kerry King of Slayer on his signature model!

Have you played a B.C. Rich before? What were your thoughts? How do you feel about their extreme designs? We’re currently offering Video Conference Lessons if you want to talk gear with a professional!   

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