This week’s featured piece of gear is the Boss Digital Delay! Originally released in 1983 as the DD-2 Digital Delay, it was the first mass-produced digital delay in a compact pedal format. The DD-8, their most wide-ranging and feature-rich delay ever, was released in September 2019.

The pedal provides a mono or stereo digital delay effect comparable to that of a dedicated rackmount delay unit, all with simple stompbox-style control. It includes 3 delay time modes and a Delay Time control for quick adjustment of exact delay time between 12.5ms – 800ms, with a hold function “looper” to repeat delay sound indefinitely for interesting effects. It also boasts a beautiful sounding “shimmer” effect to add a higher pitch and swelling ethereal quality, as well as a “warp” mode to add some chaos.

Just a few users of the Boss delay pedal line include Mike Einzinger of Incubus, Adam Jones of Tool, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, Slash of Guns n Roses, and Matthew Bellamy of Muse.

What’s your go-to delay pedal? What do you think of the Boss line of Delay pedals? We’re currently offering online video conference lessons if you want to chat gear with a professional!

Check out this video from Boss showing the full suite of possibilities the DD-8 Delay pedal can offer!

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