This week’s featured piece of gear is the Peavey Bandit! First announced in 1995 and a staple for any aspiring punk guitarist at the turn of the century, Bandits run on Peavey TransTube technology which required three U.S. patents to devise.

The TransTube preamp tailors the gain level for the desired amount of drive, and the power amp responds to the preamp with the natural compression that increases with the amp’s volume. The result is a line of amplifiers with widely ranging dynamics and natural ‘grit,’ just like a real tube amp.

Featuring 80 watts running through 12-inch speaker, it comes with an external speaker jack to connect to a bigger cab if necessary. It also has two footswitchable channels with independent EQ, TDynamics, presence, and resonance controls, as well as reverb and a footswitchable effects loop.

Have you ever played a Bandit, or had a friend who did? What do you think of them? Check out this video for a demo! If you want to talk amps with a professional, we are currently offering online video lessons!

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